The Future of Healthy Environments

Antimicrobial products and solutions for tomorrow’s world.

New Challenges, Better Solutions

The market of everyday cleaning products has been slow to evolve. SiShield offers forward-thinking solutions to making spaces safer and healthier for people to work and live.

Core Products

Our patented antimicrobial technology provides effective, durable protection against the growth of single-cell microorganisms on products and surfaces.

Surface Protectants

Solutions from manufacturing to commercial cleaning

Antimicrobial Disinfectants

Disinfect and protect in one step

Odor Solutions

How to stop unwanted odors

Who We Are

SiShield specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of patented, EPA-registered products that disinfect and protect surfaces by destroying harmful microorganisms on contact.

How We Work

Through a strong distribution network, we supply cutting-edge antimicrobial products to a diverse set of markets globally.