SiShield’s Product Line

SiS OE360

Odor Eliminators and Fabric Refreshers

With everyday use, unprotected surfaces and materials naturally support the growth of odor causing bacteria. SiShield’s odor elimination and fabric refreshing technology can fight unwanted odors by bonding to the surface and destroying microorganisms as they come into contact with the surface.

Did You Know?

  • Body odor is influenced by the skin flora, especially by the family of Corynebacteria.
  • Bacteria produce enzymes, breaking down the fat and sugar present in sweat into propionic acid, a smelly acid similar to acetic acid!
  • By sweating, we transport nutrients like lipids and sugars into textiles on which bacteria can feed and rapidly grow, usually doubling every 20 minutes.
  • Bacteria can cause unpleasant odors, skin discomfort and can shorten the lifespan of a product.