SiShield’s Product Line

SiShield provides state-of-the-art antimicrobials, disinfectants, sanitizers, preservatives and odor control solutions.

Surface Protectants

SiShield’s antimicrobial surface protectants are strong, durable, invisible, and very effective against gram-positive and gram-negative odor-causing bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts. These products are registered with the EPA as microbiostatic agents and used in a wide range of industrial, institutional, OEM, healthcare and household cleaning applications.


The first patented disinfectant and microbiostatic agent combination, our disinfectants are a water-based solution and a combination of a stabilized organosilane antimicrobial agent and a disinfectant.  Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi, this is a one-step cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant and antimicrobial protector all-in-one. These products are registered with the EPA as a disinfectant and microbiostatic agent.

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Odor Eliminators and Fabric Refreshers

SiShield offers odor elimination and fabric refreshing solutions that are invisible, odorless, environmentally friendly and extremely effective against odor causing bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts. Our odor eliminators and fabric refreshers can be used on almost any surface or material to help maintain freshness and control odors for an extended period of time. The technology can be applied topically or as a smart microbiostatic coating during the manufacturing process.

Consumer Ready-to-Use Products

SiShield’s available consumer ready-to-use products include a disinfectant, an antimicrobial surface protectant, an odor eliminator and a hand sanitizer.

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Our consumer packaged product with 0.75% active ingredient, Trisilgard™ is an odorless, colorless and eco-friendly microbe shield that protects the surfaces you apply it on for weeks at a time. It inhibits the growth of single-cell microorganisms and provides antimicrobial protection against harmful odor-causing bacteria, yeast, mildew, and mold that come in contact with the surface immediately. For more information on this product, please visit

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SiShield Hand Sanitizer

SiShield Hand Sanitizer

SiShield Hand Sanitizer provides a protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin for up to eight hours, even after washing your hands! Our hand sanitizer is alcohol-free, odorless, and fast drying with no sticky residue. It is also formulated with nourishing skin-conditioning oils, for a skin-friendly sanitizer that both soothes skin and prevents dryness. This product is safe to use throughout the day to help protect against the spread of germs.

The Competitive Landscape

The antimicrobial space is becoming more crowded, but not all players are created equal. Many companies offer products that simply mask unwanted odors with harsh chemicals, instead of addressing the problem at the source. There are some very key benefits in the chemistry, effectiveness, durability and safety of our products. For more product information, contact SiShield.

Use SiShield antimicrobial formulations safely and accordance with the registered EPA labels. Always read the label, MSDS and product information before use. The products described herein may not be registered or may be registered only for certain uses.