We Can Serve Your Market

Sishield offers antimicrobial protection and disinfection solutions for original equipment manufacturing, textiles, healthcare, transportation, consumer goods and more.

With our extensive global network of distributors, innovative antimicrobial products and a dedication to meet your needs, SiShield is positioned to add value to your business.

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Unlike other antimicrobial providers, our business model can work better for you. Our focus is ongoing research and development versus marketing development. Therefore, we can provide value without the costly overhead.

The SiShield Total Value Approach

We are dedicated to the ROI of your products – increasing revenue and decreasing costs. With SiShield you can:

  • Grow your Business: With our global network of distributors and worldwide safety approval ratings, SiShield is ready to grow with your business.
  • Maintain Product Integrity: Proven technology to keep your products free of odor, discoloration or other unwanted changes.
  • Get Sustainable Antimicrobial Value: Protection with long-lasting results.
  • Enjoy Lower Costs: Compared to other antimicrobial solutions, SiShield’s business model keeps your added-value costs lower.

Sishield has a wide variety of uses in many different markets. We would enjoy speaking with you about how to differentiate your products by adding an antimicrobial element. Get in touch.