Frequently Asked Questions

SiShield is an antimicrobial surface protection based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone (“SiQAC”) compounds as antimicrobial agents. This compound physically disrupts and effectively destroys the target organism’s cell membrane on contact. This action is a mechanical kill, rather than a chemical kill.

Unlike conventional disinfectants, sanitizers and bleaches, Sishield chemically bonds to the surface on a molecular level and physically attacks the pathogens coming in contact with the treated surface many times over.

SiShield products are very effective and have long acting biostatic properties. Sishield’s antimicrobial products will not wash away with repeated cleaning. The chemical bond between the product and almost any surface is very strong and would require mechanical abrasion to destroy it.

All of our products are formulated and manufactured in the USA.

Studies have shown that SiQAC surface protection can last weeks and even months at a time. The duration depends on the surface characteristics, how often the treatment has been exposed and if the surface has been retreated.

There are key differences in the chemistry, effectiveness, durability and safety of SiShield’s products. They contain no heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, or phenol groups. Unlike other antimicrobial materials, extensive studies performed by many independent companies have shown that the chemistry does not allow for or cause microbial adaptation, resistance, mutation, diffusion or migration. The technology is significantly different from conventional sanitizers, disinfectants or biocides that are extremely toxic and contaminate the environment with undesirable chemicals. Another important unique advantage of SiShield’s technology over all previously known methods and applications is that the antimicrobial component is actually bonded to the cell or surface. Microorganisms are then destroyed by simple contact with the surface.

SiShield offers surface protectants, disinfectants, odor eliminators, fabric refreshers as well as consumer ready-to-use products. We have the flexibility to work with you based on your specific market and business needs.

There are several methods to detect Sishield’s treatment on the surface, substrate, or product. Our expert team is available to help you decide which method to use and what lab can perform the relevant and appropriate test.

The EPA Agency has concluded that there are no endpoints of concern for repeated oral or dermal exposure to the trimethoxysilyl quats. This conclusion is based on low toxicity observed in acute, subchronic and developmental studies conducted with the trimethoxysilyl quat compounds. In short, Based on the evaluation of the trimethoxysilyl quats, the EPA Agency has determined there are no human health or ecological risks of concern.

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Not all antimicrobials are created equal! We believe in creating effective products that are based on science, not just harsh chemicals. Find out if SiShield has the right antimicrobial protection for your business. Get in touch.