SiShield technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone (“SiQAC”) compounds as antimicrobial agents either in solvent or in aqueous and stable solutions. By making these compounds water based systems, they become non-flammable and require no solvents for dilution nor any special handling, are uniformly dispersible on almost any surface, and simple and economical to use because of their extended shelf life (at least a year). Unlike similar antimicrobial products, these characteristics make these compounds and products ideal for use in a wide range of industrial and institutional, household, OEM, medical and food applications.

A key differentiator for SiShield is its powerful molecular structure of the Organosilane quarternary amine. Long-lasting benefits of the structure include:

  • Are non-migrating antimicrobials
  • Are bounded to the substrate and require a contact by the microbe
  • Are bonded to the product surface permanently
  • Are not consumed by microorganisms
  • Mechanically and/or electrically interrupts the cell wall
  • Remain functional for the life of the product
  • Will not cause adaptation (super bug)


  • Protective and Broad Spectrum – SiShield antimicrobial products instantly bond at the molecular level to create critical protection from disease-causing microbes, including bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.
  • Safe – Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SiShield products are water-based, non-leaching, and promote healthy living environments by inhibiting growth of disease-causing and odor-forming microbes in your products, and have a favorable toxicological profile.
  • Durable – SiShield products are chemically and molecularly bonded to almost any substrate and do not wash away, creating a long-lasting antimicrobial protection.
  • Versatile – SiShield products can be applied in a wide range of products, from paints and fabrics to plastics, and can be applied in a variety of manufacturing methods.