SiShield is a leading provider of proven antimicrobial technology to companies around the world. SiShield technology integrates antimicrobial protection into any surface or product,
making them free from all types of odor-causing bacteria. Our safe and environmentally-friendly products can be used in almost any industry, such as healthcare, textiles, food production, and
retail household products.

SiShield’s technology can be added during the manufacturing process and has the unique ability to impart bacteriostatic/fungistatic/algeastatic activity and to inhibit the growth of odor causing single-cell micro-organisms. This provides protection for long-lasting freshness.

We will work with your organization to provide the right solution for you. Protect your products and surfaces with our antimicrobial agents, and discover the benefits. Call us today for your one-on-one consultation.

The Power to Disinfect and Protect

In the past 10 years, the general public has become more aware of the dangers that are associated with microbial contamination of food, water and surfaces (Chipotle and Jack in the Box are examples) and the need to protect oneself against bacteria and viruses. Numerous publications and reports seem to suggest that a large number of the population contract an infection as a result of an exposure to food and/or surface contamination and cross-contamination. Also, concern for the spread of infectious diseases through direct or indirect contact with bacteria is reflected daily in the news media (hospital evacuations during Hurricanes Katherine and Rita in 2005, and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami). Staph, E. coli, and Salmonella are among the most common causes of acquired infections. According to the CDC, the mortality rate from viruses and bacteria has increased significantly in the past 20 years, and now has become the third major cause of death, ranking only behind heart disease and cancer. OSHA has warned workers about the health problems associated with mold and mildew in buildings (i.e., sick buildings).

Microbial contamination and cross-contamination and the public concern for the spread of infectious disease have created a great need for products and services that inhibit, kill and protect against bacteria, algae, yeast, mildew, viruses and a broad spectrum of other microorganisms. SiShield’s NEW EPA Registered product is a one-step cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant and antimicrobial that is effective yet economical. This product can be used in numerous settings: hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools, and daycares to name a few. Once properly applied, the active ingredient kills immediately the pathogens and forms a protective and invisible layer on the surface and becomes an integral part of the surface sustaining its mode of action. The ability of these products to electrostatically and covalently bond to surfaces thus rendering the substrate active against these non-health organisms has made them especially suitable for all kinds of surfaces and substrates.

They have shown to be effective in an environment of organic matter, where most disinfectants are de-activated when exposed to organic matter such as feces. Because of their residual inhibition, they reduce the chances of repeat contamination and cross-contamination unlike many other commercially available and EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers.