Est. 2002

About SiShield

Jacques Elfersy

Founded in 2002, SiShield is a cutting-edge, antimicrobial company specializing in the research and development of products used to modify almost any surface on a molecular level, rendering those surfaces free from odor-causing microbial contamination. These antimicrobial products have a unique ability to inhibit the growth of odor-causing single-cell microorganisms and provide antimicrobial protection for up to six months or longer.

Our core business is to discover, develop, manufacture, market, and sell an innovative line of antimicrobial products and solutions to our customers. SiShield’s founder, Jacques Elfersy, is a pioneer, inventor and holder of six patents on the method of using novel water-based organosilane compounds and one patent for methods and compositions of biocidal treatments. SiShield capitalizes on the founders’ extensive knowledge and experience in the field of antimicrobial technologies, bringing innovative solutions and products with value-added results to the antimicrobial market.

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